Taking an Industry-Wide Deep Dive on Contract Management

It’s no secret that the market has been turbulent for a number of years, still feeling the impacts of the pandemic and ongoing global politics. For construction organisations, one dispute could be the final blow – which is why effective contract management that provides all-important protection has never been more critical.

That’s why we’re launching an industry survey that aims to shine a light on contract management within the industry in 2024. The research will help us build a true picture of the biggest challenges people face – and where the whole market can make improvements. Questions will also look into points around training, impact on wellbeing, and collaboration.



Charley Wainwright, Head of Partnerships and Integrations at Sypro, said: “By nature, construction projects are complex, involving multiple stakeholders throughout the project at different levels, scales and times – and the same goes for the contracts associated with projects. The scale of the process and money being invested means that effective contract management must be in place to protect against risk in disputes, delays and rising costs.

“No one in the industry will be blind to these facts, particularly after the turbulence of recent years. Indeed, we’ve seen the impact of disputes on many organisations – in some cases being the final blow leading to administrations. It’s the need to protect against such elements that our own Contract Manager software is inherently built around.

“That’s why we’re embarking on this industry research to get a true view of the challenges and improvements that can be made. Getting the insights from those managing projects and contracts day-to-day will provide that true industry-wide picture, which we know is bound to be eye-opening for us all – and from which we will develop into a whitepaper for the industry to take learnings forward.”


The survey has been launched at UKREiiF this week, with attendees to the conference able to submit responses both in person at the Pagabo Group Pavilion and online. All construction professionals are welcome to have their say by taking part in the research, which will open to responses until 30 June – click here to take the survey now.

Sypro Contract Manager at UKREiiF 2024
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Sypro Contract Manager at UKREiiF 2024