Sypro Contract Manager at UKREiiF 2024

Sypro Contract Manager at UKREiiF 2024

The UK’s biggest built environment conference is fast-approaching, taking place at the Royal Armouries in Leeds from 21 to 23 May – and we’ll be there along with the wider Pagabo Group, which is this year’s platinum sponsor of the event.

We’ll be putting Contract Manager – and how it helps navigate and protect against the risks in construction management – front and centre. As well as having the Contract Manager team on hand to speak with attendees, help them with their contract management challenges, and provide demos of the software, we’ll also be hosting focussed sessions in the Pagabo Group Pavilion.


Putting the New Hospital Programme in the spotlight

With the NHS continuing to pull focus across the media – particularly with upcoming elections – we are sponsoring a panel session that delves into the details of the New Hospital Programme (NHP). Emma Whigham, market management director for the NHP at NHS England, will be on stage discussing the delivering this large-scale programme with Karen Carter, director of national delivery at Pagabo.

Together they will discuss the funding associated with the programme, along with the procurement challenges for such a capital programme. With 40 super hospitals to deliver by 2030, the need for efficiencies and removing avoidable time delays will be key throughout the whole lifecycle – but especially so when it comes to the NHS and healthcare spaces that impact public health.

Contract Manager is well-used and trusted within the healthcare space, utilised by more than 115 NHS trusts – and it was the tool of choice for 4 NHS Nightingale and 28 COVID-related projects around the country during the pandemic. Designed to protect against dispute risks, manage compliance and governance simply and quickly, and remove admin burdens that take up precious time, Contract Manager is positioned to create a streamlined approach to such large-scale capital programmes.


Taking the conundrum out of contract management

Our second session will taking a deep dive into the latest in contracts and how contract management can be improved across the industry – all hosted over a free breakfast on Wednesday 22 May.

Charley Wainwright and Laura Earnshaw will be hosting a live and interactive session, getting attendees involved with quiz questions and core discussion points that paint a picture of the current state of contract management. We want to work with attendees on the day to really understand the challenges of contract management people face day-to-day – and demonstrate how software solutions hold the key to alleviate these pain points.

The session will also launch our latest round of research, which will feed into an industry whitepaper after UKREiiF.


Expertise on hand

Our Contract Manager experts will be in the Pagabo Group Pavilion all week, ready to help you level up your projects, streamline your contract management and protect you from risks. We will also have a presence in the main exhibition hall through our partnership with Trimble Viewpoint.

We’ll also have a coffee machine ready to host – so pop in for a chat anytime.

Not going to UKREiiF? No problem – to set up a call or demo, please get in touch with Laura if you’re a contractor or with Josh if you’re a client or consultant.

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