Contract Manager

Easy to implement, simple to use and cost effective solution to the management of NEC3®, JCT , FIDIC and other Bespoke contracts.

What is Contract Manager?

Our contract management software solution can be used in the management of contract suites such as NEC3®, JCT and FIDIC. Sypro's in-house development team can also implement flexible solutions based on bespoke contracts, including frameworks such as Procure21+, Scape and others.

Sypro software is built and maintained by recognised contract management experts with total compliance to government approved contract suites. The difference is, it's incredibly simple to use, so the user doesn't have to be an expert in contract management.

Our belief in transparency and simplicity has helped us to develop easy to use software solutions to track, manage and administer every aspect of your project and adhere to all NEC3®, JCT or FIDIC procedures.

Contract Manager provides the entire project team with the ability to instantly respond to risks which may impact on the delivery your scheme - and with large scale projects, a quick response time is essential.

  • Reduce Risk

  • Manage Change

  • Fully Transparent

  • Secure

  • Robust Audit Trail

  • Reports That Matter

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The introduction of Contract Manager has provided the entire project team with the immediate ability to respond to risks which may impact on the delivery of our scheme. This quick response time is essential on a project of this scale.

How will Contract Manager help you?


Take advantage of the visual based project dashboard, with live status reports on the project. Including clearly indicated, and user specific actions for Project Managers, Supervisors or Contractors.

Get live reporting on potential events that could impact the Time, Cost or Quality of the project - ensuring the responsible user can react and respond immediately. Receive automated messages and alerts to keep track of amendments, updates and adjustments.

Consistently identify and manage risks, effectively manage project changes, provide clear project manager instruction and ensure efficient communication throughout the life of the project.

Risk Management

Deal with risks in a collaborative way and facilitate the optimum outcome and action plan. Identify actions to process, manage and mitigate the risk and allocate them to the party best suited to control them.

Communicate with all parties in real time, allowing quicker response times, thus increasing efficiency and reducing uneccessary delays.

Manage Change

Use the consolidated live dashboard for efficient communication of contract variations and change notices, including Compensation Events within the NEC® suite of contracts.

Allows for the effective management of pre-defined timescales, potential extensions and re-quotes.

Provides a clear and easy to understand structure for managing contract variations, changes notices or the Compensation Event process.

Project Manager Instructions

Allows for transparent and effective communication of project manager instructions to ensure responses are issued within agreed timescales.

Automated notification alerts by email and text - ensures swift notification and acceptance of any changes to the works programme.

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