Meet Our New Customer Services Support Engineer, Leah Andrew

We’re delighted to welcome the latest member of Team Sypro.

Meet Our New Customer Services Support Engineer, Leah Andrew

We’re delighted to welcome the latest member of Team Sypro, Leah Andrew who takes centre stage as our new Customer Services Support Engineer.

In this Q&A Leah shares her secrets about being organised, home-working, chocolate tasting and street theatre – she even lit up the city as the Snow Queen.

Welcome aboard Leah!

  1. What brought you into the Sypro family?

I’d expressed interest to Sypro about wanting to join an independent, family-run company, and transfer my in-person customer service skills to a more technical side. I got an interview for Customer Services Support Engineer and am absolutely thrilled to say I got the job!

  1. What will you be doing?

My work has mainly been setting up projects for clients and amending data to suit their requirements. I respond to general queries about Contract Manager and have started testing new additions that our developers have produced.

  1. The role is a departure from your recent background so how will you adapt to the world of Contract Manager?

A decade ago, I’d worked in technical services but transferred to communicating with customers in the hospitality sector. Now, it’s a case of switching back and just like training in any other job – it all comes with practise.

  1. What are your dos and don’ts for being organised at work?

I love being organised, so need to make sure I have everything needed for that day/week at work. Colour-coding is a favourite of mine. It sounds simple, and it is, but it means I know which things are in a certain category at a glance.

  1. The new role is half-office, half-homeworking. Sounds like the perfect set up?

And it is. I’ve never had a job that’s given me the option to work from home before, so it’s a nice change. Living alone and working from home can get pretty lonely, so even if there are just one or two others in the office I go in and it’s always good to be around other people.

  1. In a previous job, you were paid to eat chocolate. To many, that sounds like the perfect job?

Ha-ha, yeah, it made some of my friends pretty jealous.  It was an artisan chocolate shop and I had to taste test everything so I could tell customers what the product was like. The only downside was it put me off chocolate because I was always surrounded by it at work.

  1. Is Hull a good place to live and work?

I live in the Old Town so there’s an added bonus of only being a 5-minute walk from the office.  In Hull, there’s always something to do or see, which means that even when I wasn’t working, I’d be spending most of my weekends here.

  1. Have you become a Zoom expert since Lockdown?

I’d like to say yes, although I still have trouble with un-muting myself. That’s something I need to work on.

  1. What’s the most unusual weekend job you have had?

Definitely street theatre. It’s something I still do now, though there aren’t any gigs due to lockdown. I started in 2018 after performing in live theatre since the age of 15, and absolutely love it.  It’s taken me all over the country (and even abroad) with some amazing people and it’s meant that I can see things I wouldn’t have had the chance to before.

  1. What countries stand out as the best visit?

Kuwait, for sure.  That’s still my favourite performing gig to date. We went in March 2019 and it wasn’t until I stepped off the plane that I realised I’d never been outside of Europe before then.  Two weeks in a beautiful, welcoming, and cultural country, I couldn’t have asked for a better gig!

Welcome to the team Leah and best of luck in the new role!