Meet Our New Chief Technology Officer, John Martin

John joins us as the Chief Technology Officer across Sypro, Pagabo and SPC.

Meet Our New Chief Technology Officer, John Martin

We are delighted to welcome John Martin to Team Sypro! John joins us as the Chief Technology Officer across Sypro, Pagabo and Loop. Get to know John and his new found skill of home-schooling below.


How did you end up working at Sypro?

Simply put – I was headhunted!


Your job is in software. Does that mean you are an engineer or a developer?

I am the Chief Technology Officer, and historically I have looked after both infrastructure and software development teams both of which are a type of engineering. ‘Infrastructure’ being server/PCs Networks and ‘Development’ being the creation of products specifically the underlying code and flow.


Lockdown has been tough so any tips for keeping positive?

A daily routine works wonders so I looked to exercise daily and anything else I could do to provide rigour to my day. Home-schooling during the second lockdown was surprisingly helpful for this!


Did home-schooling teach you anything?

My kids are doing great, real superstars!! What I’ve discovered is there are many ways of explaining the same problem to facilitate understanding.


Part of your working week is spent at home where you also have three children. How do you get the right balance?

I am lucky enough to have a private workspace where, other than being disturbed with cups of coffee, it is a no-go zone!


What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

SUMO… shut up move on. For me a way of closing down mentally after rigorous debate or challenge. Very good for mental state!


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I’m pretty outdoorsy – mountain biking, surfing, paddle boarding – most things that involve water or mud! As a family, we are big campers!


Can you recommend anywhere as a good family holiday destination?

We did a European road trip last year, with stop-offs in Germany, Switzerland & Italy. In terms of location, Vitznau in Switzerland was stunning. In terms of food, northern Italy and Lake Garda was unbeatable. In the UK, we like to head south-west and the Devon and Cornwall region.


Thanks for your time, John, and good luck in the new job.