Key update set to transform construction contract management

Key update set to transform construction contract management

We are delighted to announce the latest update to our leading construction contract management platform which is set to transform the industry by providing a universal tool that can standardise digital management processes.

Sypro Contract Manager has to date been largely tied to NEC contracts, but the new version of the software will mean that it can be used across a much larger range of contract types. The software already has a track record of delivering projects across the globe with a combined value of more than £30 billion, including four Nightingale hospitals, 22 covid-19 related schemes, and electrical infrastructure works for the National Grid.

The new changes mean that Contract Manager will now be able to serve a larger portion of the market, with the platforms 5,000 existing users now able to put more projects of varying contract types through the system.


Dr Stuart Kings, NEC4 drafter and strategic lead at Sypro, said: “We believe that this latest version of Contract Manager will be truly transformative in how construction contracts are administered. While NEC makes up a good portion of the construction contract market, there is still a large section of the industry that opt for JCT, FIDIC or other alternative contract types.

“The key difference in these different types is the terminology used, but the latest update of Contract Manager breaks down these barriers and takes a bespoke approach to each contract type and how it is managed.”

As well as supporting projects in the UK, the latest update is also well placed to serve our significant international portfolio, with terminology translation also available alongside the range of new contract types.

Dr Kings said: “Two of the biggest problems the construction industry faces are a reticence to digitise and the legacy of oppositional rather collaborative approaches to contracts. The industry has also been slow to share data more widely, but it’s this data sharing that has allowed this new functionality to ensure a bespoke approach across any type of contract a user may need.

“Now, Contract Manager can push the industry forward in terms of greater standardisation and an understanding that software can help tackle some of the industry’s key issues – leading by example as a tool that construction businesses are able to use as a standardised system within their toolkits.”

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