Top Tips To Avoid Disputes In Project Management

Are you tired of dealing with disputes on your projects? Here are some top tips to help you reduce the chances of disputes and foster a more collaborative working environment.

In our last Walk-in NEC Clinic webinar with Dr Stuart Kings, we discussed how to manage disputes if you should find yourself in one and how to avoid them all together.  



Our top tips are:


Project Launch Event 


One of the key steps in preventing disputes is to start on the right foot. Consider organising a project launch event where all stakeholders gather to go through a comprehensive checklist and mutually agree on the project’s objectives, scope, and expectations. This will ensure everyone is on the same page from the outset and establishes a clear process to address any disagreements that may arise along the way. 


Effective Collaboration


Communication is the cornerstone of successful project management. Regularly engage in collaborative discussions with the Project Manager, reviewing the programme together before submission. By doing so, you can address any potential issues or changes early on, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflicts down the line. 


Regular reviews of performance 


Ensure the team regularly review key project metrics and seek to continually improve project delivery. This should be through the lense of a ‘no-blame’ culture and in an open and transparent manner.




By incorporating these tips into your project management approach, you can significantly enhance your chances of completing projects smoothly and collaboratively. Remember, a proactive and communicative attitude is the key to avoiding disputes and achieving successful outcomes.

Our Contract Manager software enables effective project collaboration, with reminders and in-platform communication to ensure successful management of the NEC contract and your project, throughout its duration.


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