Health and social care risk management

Our health and social care risk management software makes it simple to identify and protect your health and social care facility from threats that could harm your patients, residents, organisation, or staff.

What is risk management software for health and social care?

Risk management in health and social care is all about mitigating risk to help protect your residents, and in-turn protecting your organisation. Risk management software helps to seamlessly integrate and manage all your safety and risk management procedures in one simple place – whether that’s resident safety, compliance, claims, or your estate condition management – and is the key to running an efficient and safe facility.

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What are the benefits of health and social care risk management software?

Effective health and social care risk management software can transform your facility in a number of ways:


Keep patients safe

Keeping your building condition up to date and by reviewing assets life cycles you are limiting additional risk to vulnerable patients.

Stay compliant

Risk management software makes it easier to stay compliant with health and social care regulations.

Improve consistency

Streamlined software creates a common approach to addressing risks, and helps you better protect residents and your estates.

Use a single platform

Reducing the number of vendors required eliminates security risks and makes things simpler all round.

Why is risk management important in health and social care?

While risk management is important in any industry, risk management in health and social care can mean the difference between life and death – so it’s essential you get it right. Risk management covers every area of a health and social care setting – from resident safety and compliance, to operations and estates management – which is why choosing centralised software makes all the difference to the smooth and safe running of your health and social care organisation.

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