Contract Manager: The Future of Contract Management

This month Sypro are proud to be the headline sponsors of the NEC Users’ Group Annual Seminar.

Contract Manager: The Future of Contract Management

This month Sypro are proud to be the headline sponsors of the NEC Users’ Group Annual Seminar. The theme for 2020 is ‘New Decade, New Horizons’ and this year the conference is going digital.

Recent events around the world have highlighted and intensified the issues faced in how we ‘traditionally’ work. But they’ve also encouraged us to consider new and better ways of doing things. And the administering of construction contracts is no different.

The effects of COVID-19

Despite millions of pounds being at stake, many project managers and construction teams still rely on handling contracts ‘the old way’­ – via complex excel sheets, confusing email trails, unrecorded telephone conversations and word of mouth.

Even before the effects of COVID-19, the risks of this approach were apparent. Poor contract administration is the number one cause of contract disputes between a client and contractor –these kind of disputes cause an average delay of 10 months and an average cost of £34 million (2018).

Now, in the current COVID-19 landscape we can see the hazards even more clearly. Traditional contract management methods have often relied on the physical sharing of data, whether through printed spreadsheets, emails or face-to-face meetings. Remote working and social distancing has put a stop to that. And when teams can’t physically meet to discuss the details of a project, information can be forgotten, miscommunicated or misplaced.

With a cycle of staff on furlough, workloads are shifting from one team to another. A new team picking up a project might find it difficult to work out all the details from email communications and excel sheets. This leads to inefficiencies, workplace stress and the risk of human error derailing projects.

What’s more, unforeseen amendments to laws – such as the Coronavirus Act – leave both client and contractor exposed, without any proper processes and rigour to build into the existing contract.

Contract Manager to the rescue

Contract Manager is a better way to manage your construction contracts. This market-leading contract administration software sits at the heart of your project, helping PMs and clients manage every aspect of the contract – all in one place.

“After trying to manage the NEC contract through Excel files for past projects, this has been a breath of fresh air and something we now set up for each new project.”

– Leanne Ward, Senior Project Surveyor, Willmott Dixon Construction

SyproCM provides a single view of a project that can be accessed from any location. This means that all project team members can see the same information at the same time –  a benefit that has proved vital with the current need for reduced staffing levels and remote working.

It has even helped contractors and clients manage Clause X2.1 – Change in Law, as they are able to notify both Early Warnings and Compensation Events on this subject due to the Coronavirus Act.

All of our clients using Contract Manager have been surprised to experience minimal impact over the last few months, something that we are very proud of.

But don’t take our word for it…

“The Sypro Contract Management system has provided our business with a simple, transparent tool to manage and administer the whole suite of JCT and NEC contracts. This has been especially important during the COVID-19 outbreak where our teams have needed confidence and clarity, Sypro gives us this. The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted a need in our business for clarity on key information whilst providing transparent information to our customers and supply chain.

– Jon Meeks, Head of Supply Chain, Willmott Dixon Interiors

If you’d like to find out more about how Contract Manager can safeguard and improve the efficiency of your future contracts, get in touch for a demo or call our CEO Simon who will be happy to chat with you about it – 07970 699193