The Power of Sypro Contract Manager’s Protection for Construction Organisations

With intricate processes and substantial investments involved, construction projects – and therefore their contracts – are inherently complex. Both the project and contract will involve multiple stakeholders at different levels, on different scales, and at different times, each with their own agenda and objectives.

This opens up the risk for disputes, which can cost companies hundreds of thousands of pounds to resolve. Standard forms of construction contracts were introduced to help stakeholders follow fixed processes and obligations, but the risk of disputes is still significant without effective contract management.

Mitigating these risks and providing invaluable protection to construction organisations is what Contract Manager is built to do.



Responsibilities and risk mitigation

Contract Manager is specifically designed to eliminate risks associated with construction contracts by seamlessly integrating with existing contract frameworks. It ensures that all parties involved adhere to fixed processes and fulfil their obligations. By providing real-time insights and alerts, the system enhances compliance and clarity, significantly reducing the risk of disputes and non-compliance issues that could derail projects.


Streamlining contract administration and compliance

Contract Manager simplifies and centralises your contract management, supporting the full suite of construction contract types, including JCT, NEC, FIDIC, and bespoke agreements. It offers a user-friendly interface for managing tasks, documentation, and communication – in real-time.

The intuitive design also helps you navigate through contract requirements, flag risks and mitigate issues before they escalate – thereby promoting compliance and reducing admin burdens.


Elevating effective communication and collaboration

Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and delays that may escalate into disputes among project stakeholders. Contract Manager promotes effective communication through centralising project information and making everything available to all parties in real-time, streamlining communication and facilitating transparent information sharing.

It also simplifies contract management tasks and enhances stakeholder engagement – ultimately fostering a more productive and collaborative project environment, with less risk of miscommunication-led disputes.


Contract Manager’s core areas of protection


So, Contract Manager is more than just a tool for managing contracts – it’s a powerful safeguard for construction organisations navigating complex projects. By promoting transparency, enhancing collaboration, and mitigating risks, the digital solution empowers construction professionals to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with reduced exposure to disputes and compliance issues.

Ready to enhance your contract management capabilities and protect your construction projects? To set up a demo or introductory call, please get in touch with Laura or Josh.

Avoid disputes in your projects in 2024
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Avoid disputes in your projects in 2024