Total Risk Manager

The most complete management software on the market.

What is Total Risk Manager?

Total Risk Manager from Sypro is designed and developed by award-winning software engineers and risk management experts. It not only helps organisations run more effectively, it actively identifies and helps eliminate all aspects of operational risk.

Total Risk Manager launches in Autumn 2018, with platforms specifically designed for the Education and Care Home sectors.

Why choose Total Risk Manager?

  • Protection – Provides protection from all matters of organisational risk
  • Efficiency - Makes the running of your organisation more time and cost efficient
  • Simplicity – An intuitive platform that is easy to implement and easy to use.
  • Single-view – Provides a top down view of all risk and compliance matters
  • Secure – Built and hosted in the UK, and protected using the latest Amazon security system
  • Support – Provides 24/7 dedicated customer care and tech support

“Total Risk Manager is like nothing else on the market. It’s focus on managing all aspects of risk within our organisation is critical and will become even more so in the future.”

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