Our Time During Lockdown Part 4

We have learnt so much about our team at Sypro and how they have adapted working throughout the lockdowns. Read the final episode here.

Our Time During Lockdown Part 4

Welcome back for our final Our Time in Lockdown!

We have learnt so much about our team at Sypro and how they have adapted working throughout the lockdowns. We hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as we have telling you about it.

We conclude the series with Veronika Lesnakova, Toby Parker and Chris Monk. Let’s see what they have been up to during lockdown.



Veronika Lesnakova

Software Developer

During lockdown I have been able to work home more with my 16-month-old baby. It has been a pleasure on a lunchtime to go and play and be there to see more of the big milestones.

I have focused on developing my cooking skills as I have realised that cooking is so much better and healthier than eating out or take-away. My favourite dish is pork, rice and potatoes with a mustard sauce.

My cats have kept me entertained working from home, once I left my computer open to get a drink and my cat sat on the laptop and music started to play!


Toby Parker

Software Developer

 I have learnt a few things working from home, as a web developer I have found I don’t need my soundproof earphones in to concentrate, but I do miss the social aspects of the office. It is nice having access to my own fridge when working too and I have really appreciated not having a commute.

Because of lockdown I have converted the spare room into an office, this is something that I couldn’t have justified before and the space was going to be a walk-in wardrobe for my partner.

Being at home, I have been able to play my guitar more, I mainly play acoustic or my own written music.


Chris Monk

Sales Executive

During lockdown I had more time to do the things I enjoy, I currently run 50/60 miles a week. I didn’t notice a massive change in my life being locked down, we are a social family, but we don’t miss going out to the pub. We do other activities with our family over zoom.

As a result of not going out, my cooking has definitely become more adventurous, I am trying new recipes from around the world.

I was also fortunate to spend more time with my children. Before joining Sypro my wife and I were on furlough, so we spent our time making each day interesting for them. We had cinema days and days with different topics such as history or science. We tried to make it as educational as possible without it being like a school day. I really have learnt the challenged of home-schooling. The main focus in our household is if the children are happy the household is happy.

I am really happy to have joined Sypro, I love the culture and the people. I have never felt so normal after the year it has been. I enjoy communicating with the team over our WhatsApp group and through Zoom. I am looking forward to being able to meet everyone in real life soon.

Hopefully later in the year and if safe to I hope to go on holiday to Greece, after it being cancelled previously. It will be the first time as a family visiting the country.


That concludes Our Time in Lockdown! We hope you have enjoyed our series and keep safe!

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