Our Time During Lockdown Part 3

We are back again with Our Time During Lockdown. It was great to hear the government outline their roadmap for easing lockdown in the last few weeks.

Our Time During Lockdown Part 3

We are back again with Our Time During Lockdown. It was great to hear the government outline their roadmap for easing lockdown in the last few weeks.

The question is, will office staff return to working in their office environment instead of working from home? Many businesses have learnt to adapt and after almost a year it has become the new normal. Let’s see what the team have to say.

This week we speak to Lauren Todd, Will Toplass, Alex Statham and John Martin.


Lauren Todd

Product Owner – Total Risk Manager

I am an independent worker and have enjoyed working from home, but I do miss the hustle and bustle of the office and I have learnt not to take the working environment for granted.

I would say 80% of my day is on zoom even if it is just background noise, I can just have a natter with my team as I work.

The first lockdown it was cider in the bath a 6pm, but that was a routine that wasn’t healthy to keep up! I have now set up a home gym just to keep moving instead of being sat all day. I used to go to the gym often but now I am all set up.

My shopping has not suffered during lockdown, I have done plenty online!

I am a home bird, so I love being at home, but I do miss going to my local pub.


Will Toplass

Software Analyst

Firstly, I feel very fortunate to have been able to carry on working throughout the lockdown, I recognize many people have not had the same opportunity.

Working remotely has expanded my skill set and I now truly believe I am able to work from anywhere in the world. This is something which before lockdown I viewed as impossible from a practicality standpoint.

I still live at home so having my family and dog around the house during the lockdown has been great. However, due to the Sypro team working on completely separate projects, I have missed seeing everyone on a daily basis.

I live in Leeds so saving three hours of commute time per day has been a blessing and has allowed me to concentrate on my own projects. Throughout the summer I started a local gardening operation on the weekends which, come winter, had employed 6 people.

To stay sane, I took up running. A 1km jog around the block in April turned into a half marathon run by winter and I now hope to run a full marathon distance by the end of lockdown. On top of the running, I have managed to fashion a ‘home gym’. Utilising rocks and wooded planks from my client’s gardens, I do not see myself ever going back to the gym again. The same goes for the barbers as I now cut my own hair from home.


Alex Statham

Software Developer

From working at home, I have discovered how many cups of tea I make in a day! I have learnt to know when to take a break at home as it’s different from being in an office, you can’t just reach over and pester someone to have a conversation.

I have been learning how to play the guitar over the lockdowns and can play a few chords. I have also taken part in some online game coding; this is something I used to meet up in cafes and bars to do normally.  In one of the 24 hour challenges we made a game where you play as a gnome and you have to defend the garden centre.

I haven’t trusted myself to cut my own hair yet, but I have learnt that I don’t need to go the cinema to watch a film with friends, we have adapted to watching one at the same time together.

My cat called Cato (short for Catastrophe) has been good company too, he just sleeps near me and then just randomly demands attention.


John Martin

Chief Technology Officer

 During my time at home, I have learnt a lot about my children, they are independent and very driven individuals. I have learnt the challenges of teaching and home schooling too. I was made redundant from my last job after being on furlough, but this has allowed me to join Sypro, so I am very thankful.

Being new to the team I am looking forward to meeting everyone properly and making the most of our bar at work. I mainly communicate over zoom at the moment, but it will be nice to have meetings face to face when we can.

I bought some home gym equipment ages ago but still went to the gym. With lockdown I am making the most of my equipment- all the gear no idea! I am training 4 – 5 times a week in the garage. I find that this gives me more structure to my day as I am a creature of habit.

During my spare time I am trying to learn the guitar. I bought an app to learn to play 90’s rock music.

Once it is safe to, I will be going back to taking my daughters rock-climbing and my son to his rugby matches which I love doing.

My partner Helen has been cutting my hair thought lockdown and the children’s. She has also had the patience to teach the children topics like phonics and vowels. As a family unit we have survived lockdown well and I am grateful of the extra time I have been able to spend with my family.

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