Our Time During Lockdown Part 1

Welcome to the Our Time During Lockdown series

Our Time During Lockdown Part 1

Welcome to the Our Time During Lockdown series. Over the next few weeks we will be speaking to our team to find out their experiences throughout lockdown and what they have learnt from it.

Sypro believes in putting people first, we have a strong community where we value just how important communication can be during these times. During the lockdown we have met our team’s pets and even been on virtual tours of people’s homes.

Lockdown has been a unique experience for everyone. Some have taken up new hobbies or learnt a new skill, whilst others have reassessed their time and decided that they do not need to be constantly busy.

In this edition we have Leah Andrew, Simone Smallwood, Callum Greenwell and Matt Skelton.

Let’s see what our team has to say!


Leah Andrew

Customer Services Support Engineer

I have learnt that I need a bigger table!

I have also learnt how important it is to go for a walk in the morning before I start working, it has made me feel so much better.

During lockdown I have started to learn Spanish on Duolingo I am on a streak and I just can’t stop!

The team and I have regular zoom meetings to keep in touch. We sometimes just have a meeting in the morning to chat, it’s nice sometimes to have those meetings to talk, not just about work.

I feel that lockdown has actually made me closer to my friends. My friendship group are spread out around the country and we rarely met up. Learning how to communicate virtually has really brought us closer. We now do weekly quizzes and monthly catch ups.

It has become normal being in lockdown, so I have just adapted to this being life now. I do miss going to the pub and going to see my parents and family dog. I now call home a lot more and get regular pet snaps.

I never got my hair cut or went to the salon so I don’t really miss any of that, but I would love to get a massage!

I am an actress in my spare time, and I have missed it. A lot of street theatre performers are putting on events off their own back because they miss it that much. I hope that it will eventually go back to how it was before the pandemic.


Simone Smallwood

Technical Customer Services Support Manager

I think lockdown has gone well in terms of working at home. I have learnt that I can work remotely. I am on zoom a lot, we communicate well as a team and have regular catch ups.

During lockdown I did try to do some crafting… I decided to make a cork board. I started my project by using cork tops from bottles. I accidentally slipped with a knife and tore through all 4 tendons in my thumb. So, it was decided that I need supervision with kitchen knives and to maybe not do anymore crafting!

I also adopted a puppy in July. We were extremely lucky to have been chosen by the rescue centre as a suitable home. Arthas is a cross between a Jack Russel and a chihuahua (Jackahuahua). He has definitely made himself at home. Being at home meant that I was there to help train him and look after him.


Callum Greenwell

Software Developer

I was very surprised how easy it was to adjust to working from home. In fact, I feel that I can concentrate more. On the flip side I do miss the social aspects of being in the office. We have a few coffee morning catch ups where we all sit down with a brew and I have been on a few virtual tours of people’s homes.

It has been amazing to work at home with my dog Patt and two cats, I live with a field to the back of my house, so I have made the most of going for walks and it has been great to go out on a lunchtime.


Matt Skelton

Operations Manager

I have learnt that all you need is a cup of coffee and a laptop to work.

We are a digital first company and it shows because of how well we have adapted to working from home.

I feel that I have a better work life balance because I am not commuting. Before lockdown I felt that I had to be constantly busy, I have in fact done less hobbies in lockdown and I feel better for it.

Since I have been forced to go without the pub, I have picked up drinking gin, I have discovered that I actually like it and I am experimenting with different flavours.

Lockdown has also allowed me to grow my hair out without having to be seen during the awkward stages.

I can’t imagine offices going back to 5 days a week. Sypro have always offered remote working so it has been great and easy to adapt working from home full-time, but I think a lot of businesses have realised that people can be trusted to work from home.