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New Helpdesk Module Coming to Sypro CAM

New Helpdesk Module Coming to Sypro CAM

The development of all Sypro technology is driven by the needs of our users and we aim to ensure that our software is constantly improving to increase its value to our customer base. There’s a new feature coming soon for Sypro CAM which will help to improve facilities management processes for our clients.

Our latest product, Sypro Compliance & Asset Manager (CAM), is used in a number of industries so the requirements of our clients can vary quite significantly. However, one requirement these organisations have in common is to have access to a simple and effective ticketing system to manage incoming facilities requests.

Incoming requests in the form of phone calls, post-it notes or a passing conversation do not constitute a sustainable facilities management process in any organisation, so there needs to be a structure which is rigorously followed by the entire organisation to ensure efficiency is always at its peak.

So over the past few months we’ve been working on the launch of our new Helpdesk Module which will ease the headaches usually associated with non integrated ticketing systems. This new module has been designed to simplify and automate the management of incoming tickets with the help of an email based process. This new feature enables any staff member to log tickets remotely and gives the Maintenance/Operations team an intuitive web-based module to track and manage incoming tickets.

What exactly does the Helpdesk do?

The Helpdesk is a supplementary module in Sypro CAM which enables members of your organisation to raise jobs or issues without the need to log into the system. As an integrated addition to the current software, the Helpdesk Module makes the system more accessible and adds huge value to its functionality whilst sitting seamlessly alongside other modules.

How do I use it?

  • Using any email account (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail), users can log ‘Tickets’ by sending an email to their account-specific email address;

  • Tickets are logged in the Helpdesk Module, displaying the subject, the ‘raised by’ email address and the date it was raised;

  • The Helpdesk Manager receives a notification when a new ticket is logged;
  • Helpdesk Manager identifies which user is responsible for the task and assigns the ticket to them by creating a ‘Reactive Job’;

  • The user will receive an email notifying them that a Helpdesk Ticket has been assigned;
  • Once necessary actions have been taken, the owner closes off associated job and the ticket is marked as complete in the Helpdesk Module.

How will the Helpdesk benefit my organisation?

  • It will encourage more efficient management of reactive maintenance;
  • It will give the facilities management team a robust structure to promote across the organisation;
  • It will eradicate unsustainable and outdated ticketing processes and ensure no jobs are missed;
  • It will provide a centralised platform on which to record information against all Helpdesk tickets logged;
  • It will give the Owners/Directors peace of mind that there is an efficient process in place to manage reactive maintenance and a platform on which to monitor performance of ad hoc tickets;
  • It will give your organisation greater flexibility to log outstanding issues without needing to give your entire organisation access to the system.

The Helpdesk Module has been developed as a complimentary addition to the Sypro CAM platform. Just one of the many benefits that our clients can expect. Coming soon...

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