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Contract Manager's New Aggregated Dashboard Feature

Contract Manager's New Aggregated Dashboard Feature

Aggregated Project Dashboard

As the adoption of Sypro Contract Manager increases, members of project teams are now using the system to manage and monitor multiple projects. So it’s important for them to have clarity and visibility on each individual project and any associated actions.

As the volume of data within a system increases, it could easily become overwhelming and difficult to decipher. And with critical project data, it’s imperative for users to be able to easily understand and interpret the information.

With this in mind, we’ve spent the past few months developing tools that will help you to oversee multiple NEC3 projects at once, and ensure compliance to project timescales set out in the contract.

What’s New?

The new ‘Project Summaries’ view allows you to view the current status of all projects under your control. If you’re a project manager you’ll see a helicopter view of all CE’s, EW’s or the status of the Programme submission. If you’re a Supervisor on the other hand, you can customise the dashboard to give you an idea of the number of outstanding Defects or upcoming Tests / Inspections.

Each individual project dashboard has a ‘Settings’ option and can be fully customised to show different key project information.

This visual approach to managing multiple projects will ensure that key project indicators are immediately visible when logging into the system.

The second addition is the ‘Project Action Inbox’ which allows you to dig deeper into the project to give you a comprehensive view of all project actions assigned to you, your team or the other parties you work with.

Your Actions

Take a look at the actions within the projects you are directly responsible for. As a Contractor you may be required to submit a quotation, whereas if you sit on the PM side you may be required to assess said quote.

Your Teams’ Actions

Even if you’re not directly responsible for the task at hand, it’s important you fully understand the work that’s required from your team. This tab gives you this visibility, and allows you to take action wherever necessary.

Other Teams’ Actions

In the collaborative spirit of the NEC3 contract, the Sypro Contract Manager software is an open book for all involved in the project. By using the Project Action List, you can view all aspects of the project including what actions other teams raise. This kind of detailed insight is essential for project review meetings.

In addition, and to ensure adherence to the timescales set out under the contract, you can filter all actions based on when they are due:

  • Overdue Actions
    • These actions have strayed outside the timescales of the contract and require the most urgent attention.
  • Actions Due Soon
    • Take a look at all actions due within the next week.
  • Upcoming Actions
    • This is where you’ll see any action that requires attention in 1 week’s time or longer.

Additional Features

To further improve User Experience, and to allow for greater reporting flexibility, every project overview is customisable in terms of what information you’d like it to show.

You can also export or print the data for all live projects – another tool you can use for review meetings.

The new Aggregated Project View is compatible with IE9+, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

How to Start Using Aggregated Project View

In terms of integrating this new functionality, because it’s an additional dashboard it will require you to add it into your profile. When you first log into the system, click the “View Aggregated Project Data” button, this will change your home screen to the new dashboard. See image below:

Over the coming months, we’ll be adding lots of new features to these dashboards, and we’ll keep you informed as to how it can help you manage your project even more efficiently.

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