Meet Sam, our new Quality Assurance Engineer

Sam joins the team bringing with her 20 years IT experience.

Meet Sam, our new Quality Assurance Engineer

Testing times ahead for Sam Williams, Sypro’s first-ever Quality Assurance Engineer. Sam loves fixing software bugs as well as taking long walks on the beach but draws the line at putting gravy on her chips.


  1. So, Sam, what made you choose Sypro as the next step in your career?

The opportunity to bring in my testing experience and make the role my own. No limitations on how far we can grow.


  1. Why do firms need QA and software testers?

Quality assurance plays a vital role in saving costs as well as fixing errors before they become major issues. Quality assurance is considered to be the best option to ensure the software you are launching is free from bugs.


  1. What exactly will you be testing?

Initially, I’ll be testing Sypro’s Contract Manager and evaluating the modules within the product and working alongside developers to fix any issues.


  1. How does the input of customers affect what you do?

Customers can log problems with the software, and the developer will fix the issue and then I will test to see if it is fixed.  It is always important to work alongside the customer to see how they use the system as they will use it in a very different way to the developer. It’s important when releasing new software to get the customers’ opinion before going live.


  1. Do you have a preferred work environment?

I have the option of either working from home or in the office. I like to have the perfect balance of coming into the office for half the week and the other half working from home. I’m a lot more productive at home, but I’m also a people person so need the option of coming into the office to see people.


  1. You are originally from London so what differences do you notice living and working up north?

In general, the people up here are so much friendlier.  And the obsession with gravy is very real, and I still haven’t got around to having gravy with my chips but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


  1. You were on furlough from a previous role so did you spend the time learning a new skill?

I would love to say that I’m an expert at guitar, but I just ended up buying a guitar and all the equipment and books on how to play it! I think I learnt three chords so I’m not going to be a rockstar any time soon.


  1. How do you spend time away from the office?

Covid has been hard as I love spending time with friends and family, but hopefully, we have turned a corner and will be back to spending lots of time together.  I have a dog and love long walks in the countryside and on the beach.


  1. You enjoy gardening so any tips for the green-fingered?

I love seeing the end product in a garden, but not so much the manual work.  Tips would be planning out how you want your garden to look on paper, as otherwise you can end up overplanting and the garden looking overcrowded.


  1. What’s the best thing you have on your doorstep?

Definitely the beaches, and I love taking the dog walking on Fraisthorpe Beach, south of Bridlington.


Good luck in the job, Sam.

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