Meet Matt, Our New Software Developer Intern

We’re delighted to welcome our new Intern Software Developer, Matt Retallick!

Meet Matt, Our New Software Developer Intern

We’re delighted to welcome our new Intern Software Developer, Matt Retallick!

Matt joins Sypro on a year-long placement from the University of the West of England. He loves the challenge of upgrading cars and feasting on a good boxset.

Let’s get to know him below!

  1. How did you come to work for Sypro?

My brother worked for Pagabo and knew about Sypro and the work they did. Through him, I got in touch and asked if they would be interested in taking on a student intern for a year, and here I am.

  1. What’s your job title at Sypro and what will you be doing?

My job title is a software developer. I will work alongside other developers as they write the code needed to make the applications such as Contract Manager work correctly. Initially, I will be shadowing existing developers to learn enough about the coding languages used.

  1. In the workplace, what challenges might be coming your way?

I can only guess that working for clients could be difficult if there is ambiguity in what it desired. For this reason, I will apply the Agile Method to keep in close constant communication with clients to ensure we are on track.

  1. Do you need to be a ‘tekkie’ to be a developer?

I don’t think it is necessarily vital but having a passion and interest in technology certainly helps and allows you to stay up to date and current with the market.

  1. When homeworking arrives for you, what might be the distractions?

I’m not there yet so can only speculate. I would imagine the biggest distraction might be getting up from your seat and making food or drink whenever you want.

  1. If Sypro offered you a £500 home working allowance how would you spend it?

An additional monitor to go with my laptop. This would help me see all the tabs I need to have open at the same time.

  1. You’re new to the city, so have you discovered any hidden gems?

I am still getting to know my way around even though Hull is not that big. I can recommend a good cocktail bar that’s just opened on Newland Avenue called the New Lounge.

  1. You like to improve cars in your spare time?

The first car I bought was an old 2001 Volkswagen Polo for £300 and over time I kept doing little upgrades here and there to improve its value. By the time it came to selling, I managed to get £700.

  1. Can you recommend a good boxset on Netflix?

There are several box sets I could talk about but the one I am watching currently is Community. It’s a simple American comedy series but fun to watch or at least have on in the background of other things.

  1. How will you spend your first month’s salary?

It will have to go into my savings to pay for rent and other household bills. Anything leftover might go towards some outdoor furniture for the garden.

Welcome to the team Matt and best of luck in your new role.