Meet Josh, our new Head of Sales for RM

Josh Mitchell joins as Head of Sales for TRM, facilitating the growth of the sales team.

Meet Josh, our new Head of Sales for RM

Please welcome Josh to the Sypro team.  With a cat named Vinnie (after Vinnie Jones) and a love of literature, it’s time the Q&A got to the bottom of some of the secrets of our newest member of staff.


  1. At Sypro, you’re the new Head of Sales. Is it as grand as the title suggests?

We love a title in Sales! It merely highlights the different responsibilities I will have. I will be managing the team and helping to scale as we grow, implementing structure and defining our strategy, whilst also helping to sell the product into our existing network.


  1. What exactly will you be selling?

Risk Manager. A risk management tool pulling together operations within an organisation such as compliance, health & safety and maintenance (plus much more) and offering a simple way of tracking, documenting and reporting through a management system.


  1. Does it matter that your previous roles have not been in procurement or construction?

No, because they have been in Education and Compliance software – both very important factors to TRM. I am also a quick learner!


  1. How has Zoom impacted on the sales function?

It’s a strange one as it has made the whole process far more personable even though it is done through a screen. Long gone are the formal face-to-face pitches within a stuffy office. Now, both seller and prospect can relax whilst their children run in the background or their dogs’ bark! With this relaxed approach we find the prospect is more likely to open up…which is great for business!


  1. What habits are crucial for your way of homeworking?

I need a routine and without one I am less productive. Working from home has taught me to get up early & go to the gym and then get dressed (in proper attire, not just tracksuit bottoms). It contributes to having the correct mindset and motivation to start the day right. That and coffee.


  1. You studied English at university so what does that give you as a sales professional?

Being able to present to a group is a key factor in my role and studying English certainly helped with this. Class debates gave me the confidence to speak out and not just be agreeable, which can really help to have difficult conversations with customers and prospects.


  1. You live in Harrogate with an office in Hull. Have you achieved a good blend of office and home working?

A 50/50 split between the office and home will work for me going forwards. I think it’s great the company has allowed the staff this freedom of choice, something I know other businesses might not be doing.


  1. Away from the office, how do you spend the weekends?

We have some great pubs in Harrogate so you can usually find me in one of them! If not, I will be walking through the Dales, playing golf or going for dinner with friends or (as my wife will have me) packing boxes or buying furniture as we are currently having some housework done.


  1. I’ve heard Harrogate is a mecca for tourists? What’s the attraction apart from Betty’s?

Our biggest secret is Cold Bath Road. A little narrow cobbled street with some great independent cafes, shops and bars. It’s always buzzing and has a great vibe on a summer’s evening. Although now I have told you that, it’s no longer a secret!


  1. Will you be watching this summer’s Olympics?

Yes, I’m looking forward to the Olympics after we came so close to the win at the Euros.

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