Drop-in clinic launched to demystify NEC contracts

Drop-in clinic launched to demystify NEC contracts

We are seeking to demystify the usage of NEC contracts within the construction industry through a series of free online drop-in sessions hosted by our very own Dr Stuart Kings.

Dr Kings is one of the drafters of NEC4 and co-author of NEC3 and NEC4 Practical Solutions. He holds more than 20 years’ experience within the healthcare and construction sectors, having provided NEC consultancy services on some of the UK’s biggest schemes.

The series of online sessions have been designed to give attendees an insight into the NEC contract that is not available anywhere else. They are free to attend and open to clients, contractors and consultants from across the industry and will provide top tips, best practice and answers to the most current questions associated with the NEC engineering and construction contract.

Dr Kings said: “The NEC contract itself has been around for three decades, outlining not just purely contractual procedures, but focusing on good project management principles and modern practice. Several iterations have been released over the years, and indeed the move from NEC3 to NEC4 was seen as an ‘evolution, not a revolution’ – building on and improving what was already in place.

“NEC covers every procurement exercise around and embodies those principles of good project management, which is why it’s the dominant contract within the construction industry. That being said, making sure project teams are making the most of the contract still requires much understanding and nuance, which is exactly why we’ve set up these sessions to help people across the industry get the most out of NEC4.

“Whether it’s running through secondary options and how to use them, how to assess compensation events, or how to successfully close out a project, each session aims to provide attendees with practical knowledge to take away and apply to their own projects.”

Each session will have a key area of focus, identifying key terminology and related clauses from the contract, along with discussing any common pitfalls and how to avoid them. They will also conclude with a live question and answer session, allowing attendees to put their specific queries to Dr Kings directly.

Sypro’s Contract Manager has a track record of delivering projects across the globe with a combined value of more than £30 billion and has created software solutions developed to help organisations perform better every day.

The next session will take place on 7 July at 11am, focusing on new quality amendments in ECC4 and understanding the defects date and the defect correction period.

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