Case Study

Wilmslow High School

Wilmslow High School
Compliance & Asset Manager
Project Value:

Project Overview

Wilmslow High School, a Specialist Sports College in Cheshire is one of the largest Schools in the UK with over 2000 pupils and 260 staff.

Set over a vast site made up of three 3 buildings, housing 220 rooms the need for a centralised, online Compliance and Asset Management system to help monitor and manage the estate was clear.

Not only do the school management team and governing body have to provide a safe environment in which pupils and staff can thrive, the management team are also responsible for the health and safety of the many hundreds of visitors to the site has each week. The site is open 360 days a year.

How did Sypro help?

Using Sypro CAM, the school management team are now proactively managing, monitoring and evidencing that robust systems are in place not only to ensure the health and safety of all stakeholders but also to ensure the efficient running of the estate and its assets.

Some of the benefits Sypro CAM has yielded have been clear:

  • A centralised system that helps the school management team and governing body manage and report on over 30 different legislative HSE and Local Authority Compliance requirements. The frequency of these compliance checks can range from daily to every 5 years. Sypro CAM has reduced the likelihood of any of these compliance checks being missed, safeguarding the school against any potential incidence of ‘non-compliance’
  • Helped to ensure that services (or planned/preventative maintenance) and checks are managed and completed on time helping to ensure the efficient and safe use of all assets (this includes the servicing and maintenance of 15 boilers across the site, 5000 units of PAAT Testing).
  • Created a single source location to store, update and evidence an Asset Register as required for meeting SFVS asset register requirements.
  • Ensuring that all policies and procedures are stored and managed from a central location, thus reducing the dependency on external providers to provide reminders. The school management team are now able to proactively manage their large number of insurance, policies and procedures, increasing the lotus of control.
  • Implemented a centralised approach, with a full audit and cost trail of reactive maintenance. This has improved efficiencies - maintenance workers now receive automatic alerts to notify them when priority or reactive jobs have been created, across such a large and vast estate this has significantly improved response time.
  • Sypro CAM supports Wilmslow in the administration of £100k worth of lease/letting agreements.

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