Case Study

Ilkley Grammar School

Ilkley Grammar School
Compliance & Asset Manager
Project Value:

Project Overview

Ilkley Grammar School previously had a software solution in place for the management of their assets and compliance but found it cumbersome and difficult to create the simplest of tasks.

They required a system that was capable of effectively managing data and information but that was also simple to use and navigate.

How did Sypro help?

The Sypro CAM system has allowed us to easily upload data and information relating to our assets, health and safety checks, compliance, all maintenance issues and keep a track of all policies and procedures.

As the system is driven by email alerts, it ensures that responsible parties within our school are aware of upcoming, due and overdue tasks which promotes proactive management amongst staff members.

The dashboard approach is a refreshing way to view the data, its really easy to understand what's what - it's great that you don't have to be an IT expert to use the system, yet it still does everything that is required.

The software has already made our internal processes a lot smoother and it's a great relief knowing that the system will automatically remind us when various things are due. It will prove a valuable tool during Ofsted inspections and for demonstrating to the school governors that best practice is being followed to create a safe enviornment.

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