The journey towards MAT-urity: effective use of risk manager for multi academy trusts


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The journey towards MAT-urity: effective use of risk manager for multi academy trusts

For any educational facility, good estate management will always be of critical importance. The need to cater for a wide range of scenarios – such as security and health and safety – cannot be understated, especially as we continue to navigate the impacts of Covid-19.

For larger educational organisations like Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), this is even more important as they have more people and assets to manage, which take more time to look after and increases the chance of risk. Where possible, systems that can deviate time and effort away from complicated processes to more simple ones, means that resources can be revested in areas that will provide even more positive return for students and staff.

Risk Manager, our risk management software does just that, making it incredibly simple for educational facilities – including MATs – to manage day-to-day maintenance, compliance and tasks. Also, we help to mitigate risk and keep you and those across your estates safe.

One of our longstanding Risk Manager clients is Red Kite Learning Trust, which since forming in 2015 has grown to be a top 70 ranking MAT with 13 schools across North Yorkshire and Leeds. We spoke with chief financial officer Steve Howell about the Trust’s use of our software, which was first implemented in 2018.

Steve said: “We know that Risk Manager provides us with the assurance that a Multi Academy Trust like ourselves needs to demonstrate, covering both legal and statutory responsibility. As well as this, it allows us to cover all 292 rooms in 62 buildings, which make up our schools and head office facilities in two regions, ensuring that we can effectively manage and ensure a safe environment for all.

“Working in an environment with children and across so many assets, keeping up with our compliance can be a full-time job by itself. Risk Manager really streamlines our processes, keeps us on track and creates valuable savings in both money and time.

“The system allocates jobs and responsibilities to staff at both Trust and individual school levels to make it clear to all who needs to perform any actions. The cloud-based and automated system also removes the potential for anything of importance being missed, providing alerts to make sure we review contracts or any other important actions at the appropriate time.

“We work closely with Sypro’s expert team to find the best collective workflows that perform as efficiently as possible for users, all while upholding compliance and vital practices. Since implementing Risk Manager, we have been able to manage more than 500 reactive repairs through the system. These undoubtedly would have been much harder to identify, control, manage and fix without the software in place.

Risk Manager comes complete with a range of modules that can be tailored to any organisation’s needs, helping to manage a whole host of requirements from online security and health and safety to day-to-day estate management and maintenance.

If you are a school, academy or MAT, you can benefit from the use of Risk Manager just like Red Kite. Find out how by booking a free demo today:

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"We see suppliers as partners and look to share value for mutual benefit. We use Risk Manager to help develop our approach to supplier relationship management to make sure that everyone gets the maximum benefit out of any project or relationship.

“Anything that automates processes ultimately creates an ongoing pipeline of tasks for our team to address in a range of areas. This in turn saves time and money, which can then be re-invested in ways that positively benefit all students and staff for years to come.”

Steve Howell, chief financial officer at The Red Kite Learning Trust.

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The journey towards MAT-urity: effective use of risk manager for multi academy trusts